Litigation & Dispute Resolution

For some, litigation and conflict are uncomfortable.  But not for us.  At Webster Szanyi, we’ve been litigating cases for as long as we can remember.  And we’re good at it.  Very good at it.  We are well known for, and proud of, our abilities to persuade and to communicate.  We like to control litigation by taking a proactive, aggressive approach that sets the tone and steers matters toward a result that is favorable to our client.

And unlike many law firms, our attorneys are real trial lawyers – that is, we actually go to court on a regular basis and we regularly handle cases involving the most complex legal, technical and medical issues in both state and federal courts.  It’s a skillset that cannot be simulated in any other environment or course of study. Simply, we know what the inside of a courtroom looks like and we pride ourselves on the experience and skills we’ve gained in this arena.

Our clients know they can rely on us for our persistence, preparation, sophistication, and high-quality work.  But they also that know we are solution-oriented and we get the job done efficiently and effectively.  We realize that not every case requires a “scorched earth” approach, so we will work with you from the beginning to develop a plan to achieve the best possible result at the lowest possible cost.

Simply, we know that we work for you.  It is this realization, coupled with our skills and experience, that keeps our clients coming back time and time again for reliable and trusted legal representation.  This is also why our clients consistently refer us to family, friends and colleagues.

Our litigation and dispute resolution practices include: