General contractors, sub-contractors and project owners rely on the attorneys at Webster Szanyi to protect their rights during every phase of a construction project. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and our attorneys are skilled at drafting and negotiating contracts that best protect their client’s interest.   When a conflict arises, we step in at the earliest stages to preserve our clients’ right, helping ensure they are paid for their work and materials, or, on the other hand, enforcing an owner’s rights to have a project timely and properly completed. We will visit your job site, while construction is underway, to document and record the problems on the project so that your interests are protected.

Lawsuits are part of construction industry, and our attorneys have successfully litigated nearly every aspect of construction law. This includes claims relating to: scope of work disputes; differing site conditions; change orders and equitable adjustments; project completion and payment of retainage; bond claims and surety disputes; filing and foreclosing upon mechanic’s liens; bid challenges for public construction projects; and, trust fund diversion claims.

In addition, our team of employment attorneys work hand-in-hand with our construction lawyers in representing management and owners in wage & hour claims, collective bargaining negotiations, and Department of Labor actions.

If environmental issues arise on a project, our environmental and land use attorneys, are called upon to protect our clients’ interest from claims by State and Federal agencies or other private parties

Simply put, there is no legal matter within the construction industry that is either too big or too small for Webster Szanyi to handle.

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