Webster Szanyi wins appeal in Appellate Division, Fourth Department

Webster Szanyi successfully appealed a New York State Supreme Court decision on behalf of Niagara County.  The case involves claims by the family of man who was killed in an automobile accident.  The family alleges that their son’s remains were mishandled at the accident scene by a County Coroner and the Chief of a volunteer fire company.  The County and the Coroner, along with the local volunteer fire company and its former chief, are all defendants in the action.  Following a motion by the Coroner, the trial court issued a decision requiring the County to pay the Coroner’s legal defense costs.  The Appellate Division, Fourth Department, agreed with the County’s argument that it had no legal obligation to pay the Coroner’s defense costs under the circumstances of this case.  The lower court’s decision was reversed and an order entered in favor of the County.  Ted Graney is the partner representing the County in this case. Webster Szanyi associates Shannon O’Neill and Kevin Cope assisted with the briefs and oral argument.