Product Liability

The attorneys at Webster Szanyi understand the high stakes in the dual aspects of potential liability and reputation of both the client and the product. Our clients include domestic and multi-national manufacturers of automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, tractors, cranes, industrial machines, engines, medical devices, consumer products, and commercial building components. We have also represented clients and defended against claims involving toxic torts. A key to effectively handling product liability matters involving any industry is understanding that these cases are complex and require a case-by-case approach to develop a successful defense. From day one, our attorneys carefully analyze the significant case issues and develop a strategy designed to meet the unique circumstances of the case. Then, through aggressive discovery and motion practice, we force our opponents to narrow and define their claims. Where an early dismissal cannot be achieved, we ensure that the most appropriate and highly qualified experts are retained to assist us in defending the case. Throughout, we keep our clients involved in developing the strategy best suited to achieve the expected result. We also seek to keep the client informed of the risks posed at every stage and to craft the most effective strategy to reach a favorable conclusion. Often, these cases involve multi-million dollar claims for punitive damages. We always implement the most current legal defenses and seek dismissal of these claims before they ever reach a jury. Should the matter move forward to mediation, arbitration, or trial, we use utilize the latest technologies to effectively present our case and advocate our client’s position. We develop well-reasoned approaches that resonate with juries deciding whether to award millions of dollars to a plaintiff or to absolve our clients of any liability. In the end, it is not unusual to hear from post trial juror interviews that ours was the case better prepared, better presented, and more professionally conveyed.

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