We have represented a wide spectrum of clients in numerous asbestos related claims These cases have included claims ranging from asbestosis to asbestos related cancers, including mesothelioma.

These clients include:

  • Railroads accused of exposing employees to boilers and friction products
  • Automobile, truck and motorcycle manufacturers with allegations relating to exposure from brake pads, clutch plates and gaskets
  • Pump manufacturers
  • Door and window manufacturers
  • Retail suppliers of hardware and construction equipment
  • Manufacturers of roofing materials

Depending on the case, we have taken aggressive positions for our clients and pursued all available discovery and depositions, retained the most qualified experts, and taken cases to trial and verdict. On the other hand, we recognize that jumping to the front of the line is not always the best strategy in asbestos litigation and a less active approach to the defense can sometimes be more effective. However, the attorneys of the firm most enjoy those cases where aggressive yet sensible litigation strategies can be employed. We have defended cases where our client was the sole defendant and where our client was one of more than a dozen defendants; our team is uniquely qualified to develop the case strategy that is most appropriate given the situation.

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