About Us

WEBSTER SZANYI represents interests primarily in litigation matters, environmental law, general corporate and business areas of law and real estate transactions.  Our clients range in size from large to small companies and include multi-national corporations, municipalities and not-for-profit entities.  We also represent families and individuals.

Litigation –

A reliable evaluation for any litigation firm is its trial work.   At Webster Szanyi, our attorneys are renown for taking proactive positions that place them in control of their cases.  It’s the equivalent of taking the high ground.  With strategic aggression, we set the tone and steer all matters toward the result most favorable to our client.  This applies to all our cases whether a formal lawsuit, arbitration, mediation, or an administrative hearing.

We're trial lawyers and proud of it.  Unlike many law firms, our attorneys try cases on a regular basis. We know what the inside of a courtroom looks like and we pride ourselves on our experience and skill.

Our clients know they can rely on us for our persistence, preparation, sophistication, and high-quality work.  They also know we are solution-oriented and we get the job done efficiently and effectively.  For each case, our approach is to master the facts and the law to deliver successful legal strategies and superior quality representation combined with responsible cost management.  Our clients' rights are first and foremost in our minds.  It is this attitude, coupled with our experience, that keeps our clients coming back time and time again for reliable and trusted legal representation. 

Environmental –

The attorneys in our environmental group combine the skills of generalist practitioners who have the ability to take on any case, with the detail orientation of the specialist.  As generalists, our primary goal is to understand each client’s business objectives, industry, and goals in order to build a successful legal strategy.  To do so, our attorneys have become specialists, devoting considerable time and energy mastering the often complex and multi-faceted legal world of environmental law.  We do whatever is necessary to address the current and future needs of our clients.

Our attorneys have advised and represented clients on matters including: Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) and State Counterparts; Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and State Counterparts; Clean Air Act; Clean Water Act; National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), State Environmental Quality; Review Act (SEQRA)/Land Use; Toxic Torts; Permitting; Environmental Due Diligence; Environmental Financing; Corporate Transactions; and Petroleum Spills.

Corporate and Business Advisory Services –

Webster Szanyi offers a wide range of business advisory services to help our clients succeed in today's complex, highly competitive and rapidly changing world. Because every business regularly encounters complex statutory and regulatory hurdles, it's well known that legal counseling and advice are critical to operating a successful operation.  Effective legal representation can make the difference between business growth and stagnation.  

Our attorneys treat our clients like long-term business partners.  We offer established legal skills coupled with savvy business acumen on issues including contract formation, mergers and acquisitions, employment counseling, and all other legal matters that existing and new businesses face.  Our client’s success is our success.

Real Estate Transactions –

Webster Szanyi has significant and wide-ranging experience in commercial and residential real property matters. Property transactions can be common and routine, highly complex or, in some cases, both at the same time. That is why our philosophy is to identify and apply the most appropriate combination of experience, practicality and sophistication to each matter we handle.

A Note About Information Technology:  Webster Szanyi has long recognized the importance of information technology, a vital and indispensable tool for the modern law firm.  We are skilled in putting it to good use, securing a competitive edge and serving our clients as efficiently, effectively, and professionally as possible.  We always welcome the opportunity to place our technological capabilities in line with our client's needs.